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EGTV: Video round-up

It's that time again.

Friday afternoon? Time for another week of Internet movie highlights, hand-picked and packaged for your viewing pleasure from Eurogamer's tumescent TV archives.

Having neither expired, ceased to be, met its maker, nor kicked the bucket, Guitaroo Man is alive and well on PSP. "For the right price it's one of the most endearing and unique handheld titles around," said Eurogamer supreme lord chancellor Kristan of this seven out of ten rated title. Catch the trailer on EGTV.

Superhero fans disappointed by the uber-camp, chick-flick makeover Superman has undergone and looking for something a bit more chest-beating, could do worse than viewing Activision's latest teaser for next-gen 'hero fest Marvel Ultimate Alliance - which looks nasty enough to kidnap Lois Lane, use her remorselessly, then beat her up before giving her back. In a good way.

THQ's highly promising Dark Crusade expansion for its Warhammer 40k RTS Dawn of War continues to tease us, with a couple of new clips highlighting the Necron's Wraith unit and the Nightbringer.

Offering a privileged insight into the development of one of its big-brand next-gen products, Ubisoft offers up a special feature on motion capturing in Rainbow Six Vegas, the next instalment of the massive Tom Clancy franchise.

Meanwhile, bringing the gloriously hideous kitsch of 1980s US crime fighting onto PSP, Rebellion movie tie-in Miami Vice struts its stuff in a new movie this week. And those of a four-wheels-bad, two-wheels-good persuasion, may wish to check out Ubisoft's Ducati World Championship, heading to PC and Xbox later this year.