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Apple logo on PS3 website

But before you get excited...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Here's one for the weekend: why does an Apple logo appear on the Sony PlayStation 3 website?

It's not just in the footnote either - as you can see from the screengrab on this page (look closely), it appears smack bang in the middle of the PS3 unit at

It doesn't remain there though, and perhaps that's why it's gone unnoticed. A reader called BeadlesClaw sent us a note earlier advising us to load the page and then watch it closely.


Sure enough, Apple's unmistakable logo appears ever so briefly nestled between the PlayStation 3 logo on the unit and the pad below, and then disappears. Many printscreen buffers died to bring you this information.

We asked Sony what it's all about, but nobody had a clue.

So why's it there? Well, before you cry conspiracy...

According to Top Men we know, the Apple logo is part of a video playing in the background with a PlayStation 3 overlaid.

"I'd imagine whoever made that flash is the same agency that did something for Apple," our Top Man suggested, "and they haven't reworked the video effect properly."

We await a proper official explanation.

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