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Angel of Darkness patched

Remap the keys without crashing the game.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Lara is all over the UK. We know this because some malformed urchin in a GAME T-shirt attempted to decapitate us on Saturday morning - by thrusting her ample packshot bosom into our startled faces. "Here for the new Tomb Raider?" he asked with a smug grin. "No, we're here to buy Pokemon cards, so get stuffed."

But as dawn breaks on her first appearance in mainland Europe, a patch for the PC version has already been released, fixing a few errors that somehow slipped through the bug-hunting dragnet. God knows how that happened. Anyway, here's a rundown in five languages, all of which proclaim that Lara will no longer crash just after loading a level, during FMV or when the keyboard is remapped, amongst other things.

The patch itself, for those who actually bought AOD over the weekend, is available here. It's 5.1MB.

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