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Download EyeToy videos

And buy it! Fools!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Fresh from being assaulted by Lara Croft on Saturday, this writer quickly made for Virgin Megastore, still aiming to pick up an EyeToy, particularly after some ignorant bastard in front of us took one look and said "Camera thing - total waste of time," like he knew what he was talking about. He then bought Tomb Raider. We saw him. Wanker.

But if you're still loitering on the fence trying to work out if you need a USB camera-driven party game in your life, then we feel it's our duty to spirit you across to, where the assembled hacks have been foolish enough to video themselves in action! You won't get that sort of lunacy from us.

And if you need more reasons to pick up EyeToy, which really, genuinely is that cool, then look no further than Kristan's take.

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