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Ronaldinho goes mobile

Brazilian star gets game series.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Meantime Mobile Creations, in partnership with Goal Mobile, has announced the imminent launch of a suite of mobile content products starring football hero Ronaldinho - beginning with one-button gaming title, Total Control.

A new take on the current trend for simple, intuitive one-button mobile games, Total Control tasks players with maintaining a constant rhythm as Ronaldinho displays his characteristic flair with the football, "juggling" the ball using different parts of the body and performing special tricks to improve the score.

Fabiano Alves, Meantime’s product director, commented: "We wanted to find a simple and attractive gameplay that we believe will reach out to Ronaldinho’s fans, and not just the traditional gaming audience."

In addition to the new game, which is scheduled for release across five continents in 29 countries including USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Russia and Australia, the partnership extends to the launch of a suite of Ronaldinho themed mobile content products such as wallpapers, videos, images, icons and personalisation tools that will be offered in all territories over the coming months.

The partnership between Meantime and Goal mobile is also set for further expansion, with both companies seeking to create, publish and distribute mobile games and content based on other football and sporting professionals.

Founded in 2003, Meantime Mobile Creations operates it own internal development studio and the company has established an international network of partnerships with mobile publishers, carriers and handset manufacturers to distribute its portfolio of over 200 Java, Brew, WAP and SMS games and content.

Goal Mobile manages the image of international clubs and athletes in the digital media industry, specifically focusing on mobile phones and the Internet. The company holds strong partnerships with telecom and technology specialists and works closely with Roberto Assis, Ronaldinho's manager and an executive with over 20 years of football career management experience.

Ronaldinho's Total Control, and the first wallpaper and images pack for mobile phones will be available through major mobile carriers later this month.

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