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Full Spectrum boasts hidden Army mode

Original armed forces training sim secreted in Pandemic's tactical army title. Screenshots and details.

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Although the game isn't due out in Europe until the end of the month, gamers in the States have wasted no time in exposing the depths of Pandemic's Full Spectrum Warrior with all the force of a bunker buster bomb - revealing that it's possible to unlock a version of the original US Army training simulation upon which the retail FSW is based.

The so-called 'Army mode' features "more enemies, civilians, open areas, levels, and difficulty," according to reports. Fans using GameFAQs have already uncovered a cheat code that unlocks the 'Army mode', but according to fan forums it's also possible to unlock this unusual extra legitimately by finishing the game on normal and then 'authentic' difficulty levels.

In other words, there's no suggestion that developer Pandemic left it in by accident or anything like that. Shame. A special disclaimer screen seems to confirm that, stating: "The following is created for, and intended to be used solely as a training tool for the United States Army - and only for this purpose. The creators of this tool cannot be held accountable for any issues pertaining to functionality, performance, or compliance with standard conventions of usability found in videogames. Any anomalies encountered throughout the course of use are entirely a product of the User's own volition."

Full Spectrum Warrior is due out in Europe on June 25th. Screenshots of the Army mode can be found online here. We'd question their validity and make some jokes about Piers Morgan or something but we reckon we'd get sued if we did...

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