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NOLF 2 tools released

Edit your face off.

Sierra has released a toolkit for No One Lives Forever 2, so all you budding modders out there can get your grubby mitts on the source code and editing tools and do God knows what to it. Here's a list of the interesting things that have found their way in:

  • DEdit, the NOLF 2 world editor
  • ModelEdit, the NOLF 2 model editor
  • FXed, The NOLF 2 Special Effects editor
  • Utilities for working with Renderstyles
  • Utilities for modifying NOLF 2 music and sound files
  • LithRez, a command-line program for packing and unpacking NOLF.REZ (Resource) files
  • NOLF 2 Source Code (Requires Microsoft Visual C++ version 6.0 or higher)
  • World Importer and Exporter for 3D Studio MAX
  • World Importer for Maya
  • Model Exporters for 3d Studio MAX and Maya
  • Sample level files
  • 1000+ prefabs
  • A special, development-only version of lithtech.exe

Off you go then.