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Mïcroids announces Arthurian adventure

We don't know how to type that funny 'ï'.

When I were a nipper, and also when I weren't, I went to DisneyWorld. Not the second-rate, half-arsed diluted European version you'll understand, but the brash, bright, beautiful, God Bless America(n) version. It was an amazing experience getting caught up in the themed lands and letting my imagination run away with me. Particularly so when, goaded by an inexplicably tall fellow with a fake white beard and a wizard's costume (who may or may not have been an employee in retrospect) and a crowd of spectators, I hoisted Excalibur from a large fibreglass rock and wibbled it about above my young form. Afterwards, I looked on as child after man after Mexican drunkard attempted to hoist the legendary sword from the stone, and failed. I was the King.

This brings us rather tenuouosly to Mïcroids' announcement of the development of Memorick, The Apprentice Knight, an action-adventure title based on Arthurian legends for the Xbox. Hold me back. The player takes the role of Memorick a 15-year-old boy who has decided that rather than serve as Merlin's young apprentice any longer, he'd prefer to fight as a knight for King Arthur. The game apparently takes the form of an action-oriented platformer set across 11 levels and eight different worlds. We should see a release in time for Christmas.