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Kaloki dev returns to Arcade

Cloning Clyde on 360 soon.

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Outpost Kaloki X developer NinjaBee will bring another game to Xbox Live Arcade in the near future.

Cloning Clyde is a 3D adventure puzzle game in which players try and escape the cloners who made them, splicing themselves with various animals along the way - and gaining new abilities in the process.

Along with a single-player story mode and two-player co-op running to 40 levels, Cloning Clyde's set to feature six four-player competitive levels online, along with all the usual achievements and leaderboards Live Arcade fans have come to expect.

There's no word yet on how many Microsoft points you'll have to pay to play it, but if Outpost Kaloki's any indication then you can expect to pay 800 - although there'll obviously be a trial version to go along with it.

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