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Soul Calibur on next-gen

Namco explains why SCIII is a PS2 exclusive and reveals plans for the series' future.

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Namco has revealed the reasons behind its decision to make Soul Calibur III a PS2 exclusive, according to a report on IGN.

"Essentially, Namco wanted to create a game with even more content than in Soul Calibur II, so we made the choice to focus on a single platform," said a representative.

"And when we thought about choosing a single platform, we wanted it to be on the platform that has the greatest penetration in the current marketplace, that being PS2.

"Namco is very excited about bringing SCIII to the PS2 and the team has worked very hard on maximizing the graphics, which we think will please franchise fans."

Providing their console of choice is the PS2, of course. But there's always the future to look forward to: "Namco is definitely planning to develop the Soul Calibur series on the next-generation platforms," said the rep.

"However, when we started development for SCIII, the specs for the next-generation platforms were not set, and there were no dev kits, which ultimately lead us to development on the PS2."

Namco wouldn't be drawn on which next-gen platforms they are planning to develop for, but we'll put a fiver on "all of them" for the time being. Expect further announcements at E3.

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