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New Driver 4 trailers

Now on Eurogamer TV.

Atari has released a whole bunch of new trailers for Driver: Parallel Lines, and they're now available for your viewing pleasure on the Eurogamer TV beta site.

Parallel Lines is the fourth instalment in the Driver series, and it might just be a return to form with a bit of luck. The first half of the game, which is set in 1970s New York, puts you in the shoes of TK, a naughty young scamp with some seriously dangerous driving habits.

TK finds himself caught up in the underground crime scene and next thing you know he's facing 28 years in the nick. Cue the start of the second half of the game, which takes place after TK's release in 2006 and sees him taking to the streets to settle old scores.

The game features more than 35 missions and 80 vehicles, plus the inevitable "incredibly realistic driving physics." Why not check out our hands-on preview, if you haven't already.

Driver: Parallel Lines is out this spring.