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Driver 4 storyline details

Game split between two eras.

Atari and Reflections have announced a few more details of Driver: Parallel Lines, which is due out on PlayStation 2 and Xbox this spring.

Studio manager Gareth Edmondson promises a new storyline "full of twists and surprises". One of those, the dev reveals, is that the fourth Driver game is split between hero TK's antics as an 18-year-old in 1970s New York and his later life - a 28-year jail sentence later - in the present day.

As previously reported from our time watching Edmondson play through some of the '70s section, Parallel Lines could be something of a return to the satisfying mission-based driving form of the very first game, with less out-of-the-car stuff and a lot of side missions that you can go off and do - although it will allow players to modify cars.

We hope to see some more of it in the next few months. And yes, we haven't forgotten about Driv3r either.

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Driver: Parallel Lines

PS2, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, PC

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