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New Armed Assault details

OpFlash man joins team.

Bohemia Interactive has released new details of Operation Flashpoint: Armed Assault, the PC shooter that's hoping to offer "the ultimate in realistic combat gaming."

ArmA, as it's known for short, is being developed using a new engine with technology that's used to train real soldiers, including US Marines. The focus this time is on "freedom of action", and you can expect huge, highly detailed environments of more than 200 square km in size. There's also a healthy selection of vehicles, including armoured vehicles and aircraft, to try out.

The multiplayer mode will support battles for more than 60 players, and you'll be able to join in the fun at any time. There will be a co-op mode, too, plus "unique modes of play not seen in any other game."

"We aim to again deliver the ultimate military simulation for PC, improving the successful gameplay formula of our debut PC game release Operation Flashpoint," said Bohemia's Marek Spanel.

"It's refreshing for us to focus again on PC game development after years spent working on the Xbox platform and we work hard to make sure not to disappoint the expectations of the great community that built around Operation Flashpoint."

Victor Bocan, the lead mission designer of Operation Flashpoint, has joined the team to oversee the project - and he reckons it's coming along nicely.

"When I was asked to participate in finishing the ArmA project I had absolutely no idea how far it had progressed in the past few months," Bocan said.

"Now it's not just an 'extension' or something; the game has become a real successor to Operation Flashpoint in terms of scale, detail and possibilities."

Bohemia is still looking for a publisher for Operation Flashpoint: Armed Assault, and if all goes well the game will be out in the first half of next year.