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THQ predicts strong Wii sales

Into the millions quickly?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

THQ CEO Brian Farrell has predicted healthy sales for the Nintendo Wii, confirming plans to release additional games for the console next year.

Speaking in a conference call following the release of THQ's Q2 results, Farrell said the Wii is likely "to reach a multi-million installed base quickly", adding that the company plans to " launch an increased number of Wii SKUs in fiscal 2008".

Other executives speaking during the call said there is "a great opportunity" to produce titles exclusively for Wii - saying "it's just a matter of economics" when it comes to considering the value of doing so.

THQ was more cautious when the conversation turned to Sony's new console, with Farrell stating, "We've chosen to release our titles on PS3 as its installed base grows in calendar 2007."

Executives also observed that "the download opportunities don't really kick in until the second half of 2007" and that "Sony is continuing to refine their online and download models". One exec predicted that download revenues won't offer a "meaningful opportunity" until "mid next year".

To hear the conference call in full, visit the THQ website.

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