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LSP to publish more Namco PC titles

Pac-Man World 2 and kill.switch get "the treatment".

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French publisher Light & Shadow Productions looks set to publish PC ports of two more of Namco's console titles in early 2004, having snapped up the rights to Dead to Rights earlier this year. Pac-Man World 2 and kill.switch are both due out in Q1, and as with DTR, will both be published by LSP across Europe and by HIP Games in North America.

Although kill.switch is still awaiting release on PS2, we didn't think that much of Pac-Man World 2 when it appeared on PS2, although we did comment that it's "by no means awful". They should put that on the box! For those who really want to know, it's an adventure which sees the now-3D Pac-Man fighting against the pesky Ghost Gang in a fairly conventional platformer that borrows ideas from all over the shop.

kill.switch, meanwhile, apart from convincing word processors that we're nigh on illiterate, has had all sorts of interesting claims associated with it, but the bottom line seems to be that it's a military shoot-'em-up with a bit of "innovation" thrown in for good measure - the Offensive Cover System and Blindfire mechanics, for example, are so unique that they've been awarded their own capital letters.

We'll bring you more, certainly on kill.switch, as the game closes in on release.

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