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Crytek boosts Far Cry multiplayer

But the game has slipped to 2004.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ubisoft has confirmed that Crytek's ambitious PC FPS Far Cry has slipped to Q1 2004, with the developer now focusing on the multiplayer aspect - hiring Chris Auty as lead multiplayer level designer (he of Inferno and Aztec maps from Counter-Strike fame) and Richard Tsao as multiplayer producer. Their goal is to create a multiplayer game worthy of comparison to what's described as the "spectacularly deep" single-player experience. Although there are few details available as to what's new and interesting (or "unique") about the game's multiplayer modes, Auty and Tsao seem confident.

Far Cry won the ECTS Best PC Game of Show award this year, and we took a long, hard look at it just after the show.

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