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Empire At War expansion demo

Corruption eruption.

LucasArts has moved to spice up your Friday with a bit of corruption. No, it's not forgetting to tell you about the sexually explicit MSN conversations it had with pages; it's releasing a demo of the new Star Wars: Empire At War expansion.

Forces of Corruption it's called, for which our first paragraph offers its thanks, and on the demo front what you've got is 605MBs worth of combined mission and tutorial level, which sees you attempting to corrupt Mandalore and establish a black market on Nal Hutta.

The full game, developed by Empire At War's Petroglyph, will see you take on the role of an aspiring underworld figure, taking advantage of the confusion/barbecue that followed the Rebels' destruction of the Death Star. Plus it'll have customisable and upgradeable bases and guerrilla warfare since, though it might not sound like it, Forces of Corruption remains firmly in the real-time strategy genre.

Look forward to its release later this year.