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Giz charging issue clarified

Just so you know.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Following reported problems with the Gizmondo's battery and charger, a representative has gone on record to clear up any confusion.

"You can definitely charge the unit while using any of the six functions," he told us. "It will always be charging if the mains lead is plugged in."

So what about those Gizmondo users who say their machine won't switch on at all? "It's possible that the battery has run so completely flat that the boot up exceeds what the charger can supply to the hardware and the battery at the same time, which would need a few minutes' charge to reach that threshold," the representative said.

If you're still having problems, Gizmondo recommends you call the free helpline on 0800 731 1278. They'll give you a freepost address to return your unit and you'll receive a new one in return.

The representative also informed us that Gizmondo will be announcing "a new feature that's available to all users" later in the week... We'll keep you posted.

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