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Miyamoto slams modern games

Too long, says Ninty legend.

Not for the first time, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto - creator of Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong - has taken a pop at new-fangled games and the people who make them.

In an interview with CNN, Miyamoto said: "There's not a lot I want to play now. A lot of the games out there are just too long.

"Of course, there are games, such as Halo or Grand Theft Auto, that are big and expansive. But if you're not interested in spending that time with them, you're not going to play," he observed.

"Rather than thinking we have a new console, let's make epic games, I want [developers] to make more unique products."

Miyamoto went on to have a go at the Xbox 360 and PS3 demos presented at E3. "Most of what you're seeing are not even the first projections of games," he said.

"They're just shiny computer graphics. They're things anyone using a computer can do."

And unsurprisingly, he reckons the Nintendo Revolution will be more than capable of competing with its rivals.

"The Revolution will use cutting edge technology, but it's ultimately about how that technology is used," he said.

"We asked ourselves, "Why would a family need or want to have a gaming console?" The answer is what's driving development of the Revolution.

"What we want to do is different - and we're happy with the road we're taking," Miyamoto continued. "When you have a Revolution, you're not going to have the same experience as you would with the other home consoles."

Miyamoto's comments follow on from Nintendo's E3 conference, where the emphasis was firmly placed on "All-Access Gaming" - titles that are easy for anyone to pick up and play. You can read the full story here.