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Sims sequel to appear at E3

Innovations include DNA and life scores. But curiously not the hat development system we were after.

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EA will show The Sims 2 at E3, and developer Maxis is apparently planning a big evolution - with a proper implementation of Mother Nature. Although in the past children have been possible in The Sims, Maxis' inevitable sequel will now allow parents to pass characteristics onto their offspring by way of a rudimentary DNA system. Sims will now age, and children will obviously start resemble their parents, both physically and in terms of mannerisms, and their behaviour will also start to affect their appearance. Couch potatoes will become more portly, and those keen on track pursuits will become more athletic. Players will also have to guide their Sims through first crushes, marriage and even a child's first steps. Of course players will need to spend just as much if not more time managing their Sims' comfort levels as before, and a new "life score" feature will give players an idea of how well they've turned out.

"The sims, themselves, always have been the most interesting part of the game experience for me. Giving them DNA makes them even more lifelike and increases the personal connection between players and their sims," said chief game designer Will Wright. "The strategy of playing sims across a lifetime and experiencing their emergent traits and behaviours will give players a deeper and more realistic experience."

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