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FF Rev rumours dismissed

Squenix says report is incorrect.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Square-Enix has dismissed reports that Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Revolution will be released by 2007, telling Eurogamer that they are "incorrect."

The rumours began to emerge after an article appeared on which claimed the game would hit US shelves by 2007. Squenix president Yoichi Wada was quoted as saying that the game will feature "online capabilities, magnificent graphics and an intense use of the revolutionary control of the platform."

But a spokesperson for Square-Enix told us: "The online reports are incorrect. No new information has been disclosed since the official announcement last May."

Back then, Wada did hint that FF: Crystal Chronicles might have an online mode, stating: "We would like to strongly support Nintendo’s next-generation networking plans.

"The Revolution may embody a new platform beyond a portable or console, which makes possible a new structure in the network gaming system, changing the ways communities are built and supported. This is the kind of direction we’ve envisioned, and we will challenge ourselves to provide immersive interactive content in response to what Nintendo offers.”

So, online play is a definite possibility - but for confirmation, and for news of whether the game will make use of the Revolutions crazy remote controller, we'll just have to wait and see. Here's hoping Squenix reveals more of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles at this year's E3...

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