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MotoGP '06 dated


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MotoGP '06 is due out on Xbox 360 in May, THQ's announced.

'06 is the, er, fourth game in the Climax-developed series, and bears all the usual marks of officialdom - all the correct bikes and bikers, tracks and whatnot. Better yet, it's licensed to include all 2005 season data as well as 2006 data, which will download via Xbox Live as the season unfolds.

On the track, it's looking sharper than ever. As we said when we look a look at it recently, it details the bikes down to a thoroughly silly level. THQ boasts that even the serial numbers are present on the bike parts if you file them down enough. Show-offs.

It ought to be a little easier to get into this time too, but still capable of challenging folks who've been with it from the start - online and all.

Check out the MotoGP '06 game page for more info including an interview with Climax.

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