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Boiling Point sequel underway

Due out when jaguars fly.

Deep Shadows is working on a sequel to controversial PC FPS Boiling Point: Road To Hell, according to an update on the developer's website. The site went on to comment on development, noting:

"In order to re-create the same atmosphere and vibrancy of Latin America the lead map designer Hob and scenarist Che Guevara took a trip to Cuba." Which is an odd thing to say.

"They returned with thousands of high-res photos which will serve as the foundation for the art design of our new game, helping us to make it as real as possible."

Fair enough. The last Boiling Point was a bit cultish, allowing you to explore and generally ignore your quest if you prefer to, but also launching with more enormous bugs in it than the average rainforest, some of which we celebrated in its Top 50 of 2005 placing. Best, surely, was the one identified by a subsequent patch was "jaguar floats across screen at treetop level".

Kieron was enthralled, appalled and ultimately pleased with it.

Anyway, we'll let you know more about Boiling Point when we do. Deep Shadows is also at work on a game called "Precursors".