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Access foreign X360 demos

With a bit of Hotmail trickery.

Everyone loves a nice playable demo, and the European Xbox Live Marketplace has done a pretty good job of keeping Xbox 360 owners supplied so far. But what if you could also get your hands on those demos that are normally only be offered to American and Japanese gamers?

Well, there is a way, according to All you have to do is visit Microsoft's passport site and create a new hotmail account. Pretend you're from either Japan or the States when you fill out the form, depending on which demos you want to access, and make a note of the phone number you supply.

Once you've activated the account, turn on your Xbox 360, press the guide button and select "switch profile." Then create a new profile and Xbox Live account, and enter the same phone number as before - job done.

We've yet to try this out ourselves, but why not give it a go and let us know how you get on...