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Who won our de-ionising salt lamp?

And copies of Time of Defiance for that matter?

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A strangely popular prize this one - we fielded more than a handful of enquiries this past fortnight from PRs and other industry folks demanding a sample of the de-ionising salt lamp from Oxygen Interactive's recent Time of Defiance competition. Shameless bastards! We pointed them all in the direction of the page and made them enter just like the rest of you, you'll be pleased to hear, and entertainingly enough, none of them won! Ha!

However a number of you did, and that's what this 'ere news item is allegedly concerned with. Congratulatory emails will soon be heading in the direction of Sam Gibson, Martin Sutherland, Andrew Brechin and Alex Thompson, with a special note of congratulations to overall winner Laura Morgan (some mistake, surely?), who will walk away with a de-ionising salt lamp in addition to a copy of Time of Defiance. We'd also like to offer a few words of condolence to the four people who failed to answer correctly that "NICE" is the acronym associated with ToD developer Nicely Crafted Entertainment - a spectacular feat given that, under the instructions of the publisher, we actually included the answer in the preceding paragraph of text. In big letters.

So, to those five: watch your inboxes. To the rest of you: watch out for more EG compos in the coming weeks. And to the four people who got it wrong: just, you know, watch...

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