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CMR04 coming to PC with multiplayer

Next March.

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Colin McRae Rally 04 is coming to the PC in March 2004 with LAN and online racing modes, Codemasters has announced this week, offering up to eight players the chance to race simultaneously through Championship or Stage races in co-operative or competitive team challenges.

On the PS2 and Xbox, McRae's fourth outing was almost universally acclaimed, held up as something of a pay-off after CMR3 gave us a rather unexciting graphics engine. Although Rallisport Challenge arguably offered better value on budget for Xbox owners and the sequel with its Xbox Live aspect could be even better, CMR04 is still felt to be the best choice for PS2 owners right now, and could do just as well on the PC.

You can read more about what made CMR04 good in Kristan's review. (Personally I liked the chance to be called "Colin".) When we get our hands on the PC version, we'll be sure to let you know how it stands up.

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