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CDV releases final Breed demo

With one more to come. Oddly.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

CDV has released the final single-player demo for Breed, Brat Designs' science fiction based first-person shooter, which is now due out in February according to the latest release schedule we've seen after a succession of high profile slippages.

The 217MB demo is available from 3D Gamers here along with a previous beta demo. Although the readme file doesn't say much, we understand that this demo is a level simply titled "Single Player Demo Part 1". Genius. In it, "one of your USC units is under heavy fire from the Breed," and you obviously have to go off and help shoot them.

However despite CDV labelling this the final Breed demo, the publisher has also revealed that there will be a further demo concluding the single-player demo mission, which will only be playable if you have this version installed. Bizarre. Still, it's not quite up there with the four (and counting) Lords of EverQuest demos for sheer persistence just yet.

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