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PSP concept design unveiled

Sony offers a glimpse at its little'un.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has unveiled the first concepts of its PSP handheld machine, shown as part of Ken Kutaragi's presentation at the corporation's Corporate Strategy Meeting in New York yesterday. The glossy unit clearly exhibits Sony's knack for crafting sleek-looking bits of kit, looking a bit like a cross between Apple's iPod and the Game Boy Advance (Original flavour).

Obvious features of note would be the widescreen display which forms the majority of the unit's front surface, and the system's control buttons which seem - to us at least - worryingly flush to the machine's fascia. Of course, actually getting concerned over design niggles at this stage would be pointless since the unit is still over a year from showing up in stores, although it's expected to be properly unveiled at E3 next year. It's nice and shiny though, isn't it?

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