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Need For Speed Underground demo

Underground goes overground.

Do not fear, kind sir! Your casual glance at the headline as it slipped under Mouse1 may have had you thinking about some boring, oval circuit monstrosity like NASCAR Thunder - a demo of which is also out today - but rest assured that EA Black Box's Need For Speed update is far from tedious. It's actually one of the shiniest and most reflective arcade racers we've seen. A recent spin on the Xbox version made my eyes bleed.

Indeed, if you like good looking racers which aren't afraid of hijacking all the other good looking racers' ideas and trying to craft something cohesive out of them, then you should really consider downloading the newly released 220MB demo of Need For Speed Underground. You'll need a sturdy PC and DirectX 9 to get it going, but when you do you'll be able to take part in a one-lap circuit race and a single drag race, and even go online against up to three other racers.

The console versions of Need For Speed Underground is set for release on November 21st according to EA's release schedule, with the PC version due out a week later on the 28th.

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