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Xenosaga II comes to Europe

There's a Special Edition too.

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Sony and Namco are bringing the second instalment in the Xenosaga series to European PS2s this autumn.

Xenosage Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose (Beyond the Good and Bad, or something) is an RPG set 4000 years in the future. Shion and KOS-MOS must obtain the original Zohar and face the ultimate challenge of survival, and while antagonists believe the Zohar holds the key to unlocking infinite power, others feel the Zohar will unravel the mysteries of the past and save the world from the ethereal alien race, the Gnosis. It says here. Oh, and you must uncover the mystery surrounding the Miltian Conflict, apparently.

You can customise characters by choosing from more than 100 different skills, and the game's battle system uses combo attacks, a refined boost system, tag team attacks and a zone attack / break system. Gosh.

We're promised more than 70 hours of gameplay spread across two DVDs, and us lucky Europeans will also be able to buy a PAL-exclusive Special Edition version of the game, with spanky packaging and an exclusive movie DVD explaining the events leading up to the game's story.

Xenosaga Episode II is out on October 28.

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