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The Sun goes PSP crazy

Watch videos! See breasts!

The Sun has become the first UK tabloid to offer downloadable content for the PSP, including movie footage and wallpapers featuring ladies getting them out.

Visitors to The Sun Online website can access exclusive footage from Optimum's Wolf Creek, a new horror film set in Australia and due to hit cinemas on September 16.

In addition, new PSP wallpapers are available from sister site For just one pound, you can choose any 12 images from a selection of 45 - including pictures of ladies wearing hats, ladies waving sparklers, ladies getting tangled up in bead curtains and even one where two ladies are standing very close together as if to suggest they might do scissors when no one's looking. That's right, not as good as real Internet porn and more expensive!

To celebrate the European release of the PSP last week, a trio of page three lovelies were dispatched to GAME's Oxford Street branch. You can see a picture of them holding some copies of Virtua Tennis whilst wondering why their t-shirts are so very small on The Sun Online website.

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