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Dredd slips, wrong copies sent out

"Massive blow" for Rebellion.

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Rebellion has announced that Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death has slipped to early October (with the Cube version due on November 21st), and that a number of unfinished beta copies have erroneously been sent to games magazines for review as 'finished' builds. Whoops. "We first realised there had been some sort of foul-up when we started hearing feedback from the early round of magazine reviews, which highlighted issues with the game that we knew had been sorted out in later builds of the game," said CEO and Creative Director Jason Kingsley.

"Obviously this is a massive blow to us," he continued, "as we have been working on Dredd for a number of years and we have a great deal of faith in the game, backed up by the warm responses we have seen and had reports of from people who have played the correct versions. Our aim now is to make sure that all remaining review copies of the game to be sent out will be finished builds that offer an accurate picture of the quality of the game."

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