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CMR04 movie released

See what this nutter got up to... in America! (Well, maybe.)

Codemasters has released another movie of Colin McRae Rally 04 in action ahead of the game's September 19th release. The video is aimed at demonstrating the level of detail in the car models, and in particular what happens when the delicate windscreen and bodywork crumple and break under the pressure of being slung brutally into a tree - so if you like seeing dust kicked up, wheels flying off and Audis rolling around forests, then head in the direction of the CMR04 download page. We'll be reviewing the game shortly, as we regard our preview version of the game as "what CMR3 should have been". It's also the first game where this writer has actually shredded and lost a tyre mid-rally and spent the rest of it driving around with sparks flying.