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Shenmue Online in danger

Development on hold.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The future of SEGA's Shenmue Online seems to be in doubt after development of the game changed hands, according to Japanese site 4Gamer.

The massively-multiplayer online action-RPG follow-up to the Dreamcast original franchise saw its progression halted by Korean developer, JC Entertainment, which has not worked on the game since May. Obviously a worrying prospect, given the supposed release later this year. 4Gamer reports that development has now been switched to SEGA Shanghai Software, although there's currently no word on how this will affect Shenmue Online or the reasons behind this change.

An official announcement is expected next week to clarify things, although Yu Suzuki's series seems destined to be cursed in so many ways you can almost see Ryo sinking to his knees in eternal lament.

Cue dramatic elevated birds-eye camera angle... "Fatheeeeeeerrrrrrr...!"

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