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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Red Storm updates

Raven Shield 1.4 details. Plus: Mynarski?

The somewhat prolific team behind the official Raven Shield site has started up a new section featuring updates from the developers behind the game. The very first update of this new Live Team section contains details of the forthcoming 1.4 patch for Raven Shield, the completion of which the game's first official expansion pack - Athena Sword - is depending on before it can ship.

In the first update, producer Andre Roy fills us in on what to expect over the coming months, in particular the release of the SDK in December which will ship with a mod called Mynarski, a "kind of survival and combat-based extreme team sport/action game." Which sounds... interesting. Anyway, the update also contains a wealth of details on the 1.4 patch, including a release date of August 12th. Changes included in the patch all seem to be pretty standard fare bug fixes and tweaks, but you can satisfy your curiosity by viewing the list of changes here.