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Fancy a P.N.03 demo disc?

It's a good GAME.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Are you planning to buy P.N.03? It's quite an exciting little GameCube shooter - more geared towards rapid completion and stylish slaughter than engaging narrative, with a control scheme that smacks more of a vertical shooter than Tomb Raider, despite some of the heroine's impressive acrobatics.

If you have become interested in it - based on our prolonged exposure to the Japanese version, we reckon it's one hardcore Cube owners looking for a cleverly structured gamer's game will enjoy - then you might as well pre-order it. And you might as well do that at GAME.

Why, you may ask, would we advocate darkening the doorways of the high street's most heretical salesmen? The sort of folks who tell young mothers to buy Enter The Matrix or The Angel of Darkness for their unfortunate sons and daughters?

Quite simply, because you can get a Cube demo disc of P.N.03 for £1.99. It's true! We rang them up just now asking about something or other and the no doubt scruffy urchin on the other end of the line told us we could. All you have to do is pay £1.99 to pre-order the game and get hold of your demo, and then you can pay the rest of the cash to get hold of the full game when it comes out on August 29th. Or if you don't like the demo, you could elope...

Sadly, the urchin we spoke to had no idea if GAME were planning more Cube demo discs. Let's hope so.

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