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System Shock 2 reborn

User mod updates graphics engine.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Those with a penchant for fighting perfect immortal machines would do well to dig that copy of System Shock 2 out from under the pile of mediocre sci-fi shoot 'em ups in the corner, and download a copy of System Shock 2 Rebirth, a user mod for the game by Etienne Aubert, of which the first public beta has just been released.

"Did you ever want to play System Shock 2 with new enhanced graphics?" the website teases. As this gallery of screenshot comparisons aptly demonstrates, Rebirth yanks SS2 kicking and screaming into the modern day world of curved bottoms and three-figure polygon counts, replacing all the original low-poly AI meshes with new high resolution versions.

What with the dearth of new and exciting games this past week, why not dig it out and give Rebirth a go? We will be.

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