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Animated and live-action broadband programming available free for handheld owners.

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US-based broadband network has signed an agreement with Sony to make its entire library of animated and live-action video shorts available to PSP users.

There are currently six episodes of sports series Blisster up for download, along with eight videos from the Gareth + Evan comedy series and four episodes of irreverent music show Behind The Music That Sucks.

All videos are free to access and can be downloaded in less than five minutes. Heavy plans to offer more than 40 hours of programming over the coming weeks, with each package supported by advertisers such as Unilever's Axe brand.

"Sony recognized that our unique and signature content was ideal to reach its target demographic of 18-34 year old men and to showcase the PSP's non-gaming capabilities," said Heavy co-CEO David Carson.

"We're thrilled to be the first broadband network to 'PSP-cast' our programming. The response thus far to our downloads has been massive."

The news follows a recent announcement by the ABC News network that it will also be providing downloadable content via Sony's official US PSP website. Other content partners include Off the Fence, Speed Racer, Warren Miller Entertainment and Sony Pictures.

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