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Gizmondo E3 line-up revealed

Six Giz exclusives to be unveiled, and could a handheld Halo really be on the way?

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Gizmondo Europe has revealed some of the games it plans to put on show at E3, confirming that more announcements are on the way - and refusing to deny rumours that Halo is coming to the console.

"We will be making more announcements at E3 regarding licences and software," a Gizmondo representative told Eurogamer.

When asked if those announcements would include news of a handheld version of Bungie's Xbox classic, he replied: "We can neither confirm or deny rumours of Halo for Gizmondo." Hmm...

The representative went on to explain that the focus of Gizmondo's E3 stall will be on demonstrating the many different things the machine can do.

"Up until now, all we've done is show people the six core functions of the console," he told us.

"At E3 we're going to show what happens when you combine these features - and it's going to blow people's minds."

One of the first games to combine capabilities will be Agaju: The Sacred Path, which features "incredible new gaming technology only available on Gizmondo using Augmented Reality and Gyroscopic Camera technology." More details - and a proper explanation of what they're on about - are promised soon, along with news of the "legendary rock star" they've lined up to do the soundtrack. [Fiver on Brian May -Ed]

Other Giz exclusives on show at E3 will include Supernaturals, Johnny Whatever, Chicane, Hit and Myth, Sticky Balls and Colors -"The first ever internally-developed GPS-enabled gang warfare game". They're all due for a release by Christmas, with Colors and Sticky Balls going on sale this summer.

"The new games are fantastic and the new technology will blow people away," said Gizmondo chief Carl Freer.

"As well as celebrating our May 19 pan-European rollout we'll be announcing the US street date at the show, marking the start of our launch ramp up for North America."

We'll bring you more big Giz news as E3 draws nearer.

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