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BloodRayne for PSP

Everyone's favourite dhampir gets them out on Sony's new handheld.

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She's saucy, she's sexy, she's capable of snapping your spine in two and downing the contents of your carotid artery before you can say "Nice tits" - and now BloodRayne is coming to PSP.

Born from the unnatural union of vampire, human and in-car airbag, BloodRayne is forced to enjoy the highs of eternal life along with the lows of an unquenchable thirst for blood and never being able to go sunbathing or eat garlic.

She's already had two outings on PC and consoles - although the second game is still waiting for Vivendi to distribute it in Europe - and now she's going all handheld with BloodRayne PSP, due for release this "fall". Which means "around Christmas" in European.

The game will "explore BloodRayne's own purpose and history," says publisher Majesco, "explaining and resurrecting 'dead' characters from previous games while developing new characters specifically for the PSP."

"Players engage in extremely brutal combat with a unique 'kill system' based on racking up high scores by linking chains and combos, and gaining valuable bonus multipliers."

Said system also unlocks new moves and helps you develop your character, apparently. And there's a two-player co-op mode with a second playable character too.

BloodRayne PSP will be on show at E3 in May - more details then.

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