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Sims 2 biz expansion

Be an entraproe, an enterpre, an entraprnre, be like Rupert.

EA has announced the third expansion pack for The Sims 2. It's called Open for Business and it's due out this year - release date to be confirmed.

The idea is to set up your own business, pretty obviously, and it sounds like there'll be various archetypes to pick from - trendy clothing boutiques (are we saying that? Trendy?), flower shops, restaurants and so on - after which you can concentrate on layout, merchandise, materials and hiring and firing.

It's all about building a successful business, obviously, and you can dabble in the minutiae if you like - helping sims to create new items, using some clever sales techniques, bartering over prices, and of course training and promoting people if you like. Or firing them, which is obviously what we're interested in.

You can also try and win the Best of the Best award, although it's not clear whether that'll reflect the success of your business or simply the bestness of your besting. Actually it is. EA also released some screenshots.