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Bubble Bobble for PSP

New puzzly bits and everything.

Rising Star Games has released the first details of Bubble Bobble Evolution, the spanky new PSP version of the old days classic.

The original gameplay has been expanded "into entirely new realms", apparently, and there are all kinds of innovative features - you can expect new bubble types, obstacles and hazards, for starters.

But most significantly, the level structure of the game has changed. Instead you will see three screens on a central "spindle" and you'll be able to jump between them whenever you like.

There's still plenty of bubble popping and monster bopping to be done, but you can expect new puzzly bits - apparently you'll face a "cerebral challenge" in each level. These might involve finding a way to melt an ice barrier with fire, for example, or watering a seed so that a plant will grow to bridge a grap.

"We wanted to bring something new to Bubble Bobble beyond a straightforward 3D update. With the PSP, we have its raw power and we've channeled that into creating a deeper, more complex take on the Bubble Bobble concept," said producer Tony Byus.

"This isn't Bubble Bobble as fans of the series are used to. This is an entirely new game and with these puzzle elements included, it is literally an evolution of the original game design concept."

Bubble Bobble Evolution is due out in February - we'll bring you more details