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Drunken Jaffe goes mental

On video! Our new hero!

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Hurrah for David Jaffe! Not only did he make the excellent God of War, but he also drinks like a fish and then shouts at his PR minders when he's being interviewed at the Playboy Mansion.

Among other things.

As you'll see on this wonderful YouTube video, Jaffe has lots to say - he'd love to do a third God of War game and has started designing one in the hope Sony will green-light it, he's sorry he "f***ed up" the PSP version, and he really doesn't want people to mistake his drunken outbursts for arrogance.

We've all been there, Dave. (For example, last Friday at my birthday party.)

"I think I'm a b-level game designer, I KNOW THAT," he bellows at one excellent point. "I just do the best I can. When these guys come up and shove a microphone in my face and say 'whaddya think?' maybe I have a healthy enough ego to give you an opinion cos you asked for it, but I don't think I'm the sh**! I don't think our fighting system's as good as Devil May Cry! I think I'm just doing the best I can and I'm grateful people like the sh** our team's pr--" Then his minder steps in to try and put a bit of slimy spin on the situation, only to be rebuffed. "OH MY GOD GO F*** YOURSELF IN THE GROTTO! Cos no one else is gonna f*** you in there! Go go go right now!"

Brilliant. And all in good spirits, obviously. Savour it!

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