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Empire collector's packs for £25

Ghost Master and Warrior Kings get special edition budget re-releases.

One of the great things about PC games is that the memorable ones almost always come back several times over. Sometimes this means an awkwardly packaged disc that looks crap on your games shelf, but sometimes this means a genuine bargain - and interesting bonus incentives. Think WarCraft Battlechests - who felt a bit thick buying the original games whenever they pitched up, eh?

Empire clearly wants to get in on the act, and you've got to admire the effort that's gone into two of their latest re-releases - the Ghost Master Collector's Edition and Warrior Kings: The Saga, which should be on store shelves right now priced £24.99 a pop.

We haven't covered Warrior Kings here (we've too few strategy heads to cover everything properly, sadly), but various publications have championed it as one of the genre titles of the year. The "Saga" package not only includes Warrior Kings, but also the follow-up Warrior Kings: Battles and a Prima Strategy Guide, which is good for those of you fed up of going upstairs to look on GameFAQs, eh?

Equally exciting is a second chance to buy Ghost Master, one of the unsung heroes of quirky PC strategy in 2003, which is joined in its Collector's Edition by a Bonus Missions disc (complete with DVD-style extras) and a copy of the film Scary Movie on DVD. You can sort of see the connection - wacky spoof horror comedy meets game about directing ghosts to maximise the terror of a bunch of cartoon householders.

Either way, both packages are decent value and if it sounds like your sort of thing, they might well do a better job with your £24.99 this Christmas than any number of full price titles.