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Fable webchat tonight

Grill Molyeux and the Carter brothers on the Xbox-only RPG

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Lionhead is hosting another developer chat session this evening, giving fans the chance to grill Peter Molyneux, Simon and Dene Carter about their ambitious Xbox-only RPG, Fable.

The moderated session kicks off at 1830 GMT on the channel #fable (Quakenet), and looks set to be a busy one if recent Black & White 2 chat was anything to go by, with over 4000 users logging on.

The topics covered can be "anything related to Fable (ideas, suggestions and questions)", and "anyone is free to attend this session". Yes, even Cultureshock.

In case you're wondering, Fable is "a ground-breaking role-playing adventure game in which your every action determines your skills, appearance, and reputation".

From the tantalising glimpses we've been offered lately this should be a big one, although when it's actually going to come out is the subject of the usual Molyneux "how long is a piece of string?" guessing game. He told us "spring" at X03, but then he is the world's biggest optimist...

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