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Capcom/Nintendo deal for Q1

Ninty to distribute DS/GC games.

Adding to an already impressive line-up of new releases for the start of 2006, Nintendo of Europe has announced a distribution deal with Capcom to bolster its post-Christmas European release schedule.

Four new games have been added to the list, with Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Megaman Battle Network 5 coming to DS and Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble heading to the GameCube.

NOE's senior marketing director, Jim Merrick, stated: "Nintendo is delighted to have signed a distribution deal with one of the most prestigious developers in the gaming industry. Capcom games are of the highest standards in both creativity and quality and fit perfectly with our line-up for the first half of 2006."

Both Viewtiful Joe titles will see a release in February; with acclaimed DS title Phoenix Wright following on March 10th. No firm release date for Megaman has been released, though the game is scheduled for the early part of 2006.

Whilst the Capcom distribution deal will add four great titles to the release schedule for Nintendo, the company has since announced an incredibly diverse schedule that consists at present of an astonishing forty-five new releases.

Twenty-five DS titles, nine GameCube titles and eleven GBA games, are all positioned for release on the three Nintendo formats within the first three months of the coming year.