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Sony to cut Japanese PS2 price

Cheap at what the Yanks pay.

Sony is planning to cut the price of the Japanese PS2 from 25,000 yen (€197) to 19,800 yen (€155) in an effort to boost sales towards the end of the year. That's a drop from roughly what we pay to roughly what the Yanks pay at the current rates. Reuters says the cut will take effect from November 13th.

Towards the end of last month, word spread that Microsoft planned to cut the cost of Xbox in Japan once more on November 20th, from 24,800 yen (€196) to 16,800 yen (€133). MS is also planning a 19,800 yen (€155) Xbox bundle including a DVD playback kit, Project Gotham Racing 2, Halo and two months subscription to Xbox Live. Nintendo's GameCube Enjoyment Pack, meanwhile, featuring a GB Player peripheral, retails for 18,800 yen (€149).

Although Sony's cut won't bring it into line with the bargain basement Xbox price, Sony is unlikely to worry about competing with the console, which was once again outsold by the ageing PSone this week.

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