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CM03/04 getting closer

Big Ron sharpens his reducers.

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With Championship Manager on its way out of Wimbledon this year on a Bosman free, CM03/04 will be Sports Interactive's final title in the long-running, critically acclaimed and rightly revered series of stat-obsessed management sims for the PC. To be followed next year (or at least relatively soon) by a rebadged offering that nobody knows anything about yet. Well, SI managing director Miles Jacobson knows, but he's not telling us, even if he's happy to discuss the importance of sharks to the future of personal transport.

But before all that, Eidos wants us to tell you how great Championship Manager: Season 03/04 is, and we're only too happy to do so. Especially since it's a slow news day. They've even sent us some new screenshots, which we're told show off the live cup draws, improved media input and so on. Other bullet points in Eidos' "new features" email include "Player to player relationships", "More intuitive training system" and "Improved match engine featuring weather effects and visual status indicators". Golly, eh?

With CM03/04 due out towards the end of November, we'll be setting Kristan up in duffle and dugout within the next few weeks, giving him the chance to steer Norwich towards the top of the first division once more - although annoyingly they seem to be doing alright of their own volition these days.

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