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Miyamoto on WaveBird for Rev

And the advantage of GC devkits.

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Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that Nintendo is currently developing a more conventional controller for the Revolution - one that's designed to compliment the "freestyle" remote control unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show.

"We've got something that would be very similar in style and form to the WaveBird already complete," he told websites Joystiq and Engadget.

"We have all of these new features. We have the new functionality of the WaveBird controller and we have new ways that players will be able to interact with games."

But at the same time, Miyamoto went on, they've been careful to ensure the controller style works in the traditional way to please those of us who aren't quite ready for the Future just yet.

Course, controllers both old and new-fangled are all very well, but what about the Revolution itself? Well, unsurprisingly, Miyamoto declined to reveal any new info, but he did say that the use of GameCube dev kits should ensure a healthy launch line-up.

"All that’s left for us is to take a look at the software to support the controller... The one advantage we have in this area is that the Revolution development can actually be done on the GameCube development environment.

"So the development kits are going to have a very similar structure to the GameCube development kits, which makes it very easy for people who have started projects on the GameCube development kits to just switch over the interface and continue working and have those games ready for the Revolution.

"We’re thinking that we’re going to be able to have a pretty strong launch."

And we're hoping you're right, sir. Visit Engadget to read the full interview.

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