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New official PSP battery pack for Japan, Euro release dates

Go 20 per cent longer, kids!

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Sony's announced that it plans to release a new battery pack for the PlayStation Portable in Japan. We'd been hoping for this for a while of course, so it's slightly disappointing to learn that it merely lasts up to 20 per cent longer - but still, it's something. The Pack, part number PSP-280, should retail for 5,300 yen, which isn't much more than £26 / €38.

Meantime, Sony's European arm (the UK finger, specifically), has confirmed a few dates for upcoming software. Twisted Metal: Head On is now due on November 4th, followed by Namco Museum Battle Collection (Nov 11th) and Pursuit Force (Nov 18th). World Rally Championship is also due out in November.

A few days later, Go! Sudoku will be with us on December 2nd - and Sony's latest missive confirms that, curiously, it's Sumo Digital handling the puzzle compilation. Sumo's past work includes the Xbox version of OutRun2 and Codemasters' PSP port of TOCA Race Driver 2. How queer!

Further beyond, Q1 2006 will apparently see the release of Lemmings, Ape Escape: On The Loose and Key of Heaven, while the excellent TalkMan has yet to be dated.

Finally, Sony's also lined up a new PSP-branded Memory Stick Pro DUO for Japan. It's a 1GB model, priced at 9,500 yen - the basic difference between this and the regular Memory Stick Duo being the lower price. We don't understand either.

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